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Welcome to Northern Lights Manufacturing, your premier destination for top-quality thermocouple supplies. We specialize in Type E , Type J, Type N, Type R, and Type S. We can source other types as requested.  As a specialized provider in the field, we offer a wide range of high-performance thermocouple products and accessories to meet all your temperature measurement needs. Whether you require thermocouple wires, connectors, extension cables, or complete thermocouple assemblies, our extensive selection ensures you'll find the perfect solution for your applications. With our commitment to superior quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction, Northern Lights Manufacturing is your trusted partner in delivering precise and accurate temperature sensing solutions. Explore our comprehensive catalog and experience the excellence of our thermocouple supplies today.

Thermocouples products can be manufactured with a variety of terminations including standard round pin type, miniature flat blade style, flying leads, or any other configuration you may need.  Connectors can be supplied with an optional strain relief as well.  Most products are sold in 3ft, 6ft, 9ft, 12ft, or 15ft lengths, but can be custom ordered to any length or configuration needed. 

Stocked insulation material is PVC, PFA, or Fiberglass, but many other options can be custom ordered. 

Fiberglass thermocouples are supplied with either heat shrink or stainless steel wrapped hot end to prevent the insulation from fraying.   Teflon heat shrink is available upon special request. 

Fiberglass Wire Insulation

Looking for products that will hold up to higher temperatures? We now offer products with Fiberglass Shielded Thermocouple Wire and for even rougher environments, Stainless Steel Braided Armor over Fiberglass Insulation.

Custom or Specials?

If you are in need of a hard-to-find combination of parts, a project specific length, or options not normally found without making it yourself?

We make to order!

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Facts and Information

Thermocouple facts from Wikipedia

Type J - BLACK Color: (ironconstantan) has a more restricted range (−40 °C to +750 °C) than type K but a higher sensitivity of about 50 µV/°C.[2]TheCurie pointof the iron (770 °C)[9]causes a smooth change in the characteristic, which determines the upper temperature limit.

Type E - PURPLE Color: (chromelconstantan) has an even higher output (68 µV/°C), which makes it well suited to cryogenic use. Additionally, it is non-magnetic. Wide range is −270 °C to +740 °C and narrow range is −110 °C to +140 °C.

Type N - GREEN Color: (NicrosilNisil) thermocouples are suitable for use between −270 °C and +1300 °C, owing to its stability and oxidation resistance. Sensitivity is about 39 μV/°C at 900 °C, slightly lower compared to type K.

Type R - ORANGE Color: (87%Pt/13%Rh–Pt, by weight) thermocouples are used 0 to 1600 °C. Type R Thermocouples are quite stable and capable of long operating life when used in clean, favorable conditions. When used above 1100 °C ( 2000 °F), these thermocouples must be protected from exposure to metallic and non-metallic vapors. Type R is not suitable for direct insertion into metallic protecting tubes. Long term high temperature exposure causes grain growth which can lead to mechanical failure and a negative calibration drift caused by Rhodium diffusion to pure platinum leg as well as from Rhodium volatilization. This type has the same uses as type S, but is not interchangeable with it.

Type S - ORANGE Color: (90%Pt/10%Rh–Pt, by weight) thermocouples, similar to type R, are used up to 1600 °C.

Did you know?

The European/German Type L is a variant of the Type J, with a different specification for the EMF output (reference DIN 43712:1985-01[10]).

Also Know As:

Type-J, J-Type and J Type / Type-E, E-Type and E Type. Word order and/or the use of a hyphen? You decide.

Uses for Type J Thermocouples?

  • Widely adopted in the plastics molding industries
  • Well suited to oxidizing Atmospheres
  • Also works well in vacuum environments

Uses for Type E Thermocouples?

  • Low temperatures (-110ºC to 140ºC) / Cryo uses
  • When higher accuracy or faster response time is required