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Fiberglass 24awg Type J Wire - Full Roll
Fiberglass 24awg J-Type Wire - Stripped End
Fiberglass 24awg Type-J Wire - Stripped End

Wire, Type J, Fiberglass, 24 AWG, Solid Core, 300 Ft. Bundle (100 Yds. / 91.5M)


Introducing our high-performance Type J Thermocouple Duplex Extension Wire with Fiberglass Insulation, designed to meet the rigorous demands of temperature measurement and control systems. This premium wire, featuring a solid core with a robust 24 AWG gauge, offers exceptional strength, durability, and reliable signal transmission.

Crafted with precision and quality, our Type J Thermocouple Duplex Extension Wire is insulated with fiberglass, known for its exceptional thermal resistance and mechanical strength. The fiberglass insulation ensures superior protection against extreme temperatures, chemicals, and abrasion, making it suitable for even the most challenging industrial environments.

With its Extension Grade designation, this wire is specifically engineered to endure high temperatures and maintain accurate readings over prolonged periods. It enables seamless integration with extension or compensating cables, providing an ideal solution for extending your thermocouple connections without compromising precision.

Whether you're working in manufacturing, engineering, or research laboratories, our Type J Thermocouple Duplex Extension Wire guarantees reliable performance. The solid core construction and 24 AWG gauge ensure optimal signal integrity and minimize signal loss, allowing for precise and consistent temperature measurements.

This versatile wire is easy to install and route, thanks to its solid core and manageable size. Its exceptional flexibility allows for convenient installation in various setups and tight spaces. Trust in its rugged construction to withstand the rigors of industrial applications, ensuring longevity and reliability in temperature monitoring and control systems.

Rest assured that our Type J Thermocouple Duplex Extension Wire meets stringent industry standards for accuracy, durability, and performance. We have conducted thorough testing to ensure consistent and reliable temperature readings, empowering you to make informed decisions based on precise data.

Elevate your temperature measurement and control system with our Type J Thermocouple Duplex Extension Wire today. Experience unmatched durability, reliability, and performance in one exceptional product. Trust in its superior quality to optimize your thermocouple system's potential and achieve accurate temperature monitoring with ease.

  • Premium Type J Thermocouple Duplex Extension Wire with Fiberglass Insulation.  Working Temperature up to 752º F (400º C)
  • Robust 24 AWG Solid Core Construction for Strength and Reliable Signal Transmission
  • Fiberglass Insulation Provides Exceptional Thermal Resistance and Protection Against Chemicals and Abrasion
  • Extension Grade Designation: Standard Accuracy of (whichever is greater): +/- 2.2ºC or +/- .75%
  • Seamless Integration for Extending Thermocouple Connections or Replacing Damaged Wire